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Project Description

AIESEC Leadership Development Model

The project analyzes the value proposition of AIESEC in leadership development for people who are part of its volunteer programs of team member and team leader.

The project aims to make tangible the leadership development of the volunteer to establish a training model and the design of a monitoring tool that collects the experience that the volunteer lives as a member of a team within the organization.

This tool is applied within a set of sessions delivered at certain times of the execution of the experience, which create spaces for reflection on team dynamics and the connection between the executions of tasks with its leadership development.

The tool is compiled at the end of each session and at the time of closing of the experience becomes the registration of the experience that the volunteer can assess their process by identifying the skills he has acquired with his team, the results achieved and learning that leaves the process; the process of its leadership development through a team experience.

Service Design tools used:

The methodology used is the basis of service design, the one proposed by Beckman & Barry (2007).

Defining 4 stages:

-Discovery (research)
-Frameworks (insights)
-Delimit (imperatives)
-Propose (solution)

We use Ideo Cards in the initial research, secondary research, interviews, experience mapping, shadowing, draw the experience to give a wide research of the experience proposed by AIESEC to its members.

After we develop the initial blueprint, review our interviews and find the key points of intervention through the POINTS tool and map the Actors involved. We found and map those insights in the blueprint and define the imperatives we need to implement to develop an experience connected with the organization value proposition.

The solution proposal was centered in the development of a guided experience for the leaders, and tools that aid them in the development of their team experiences, so they offer an aligned experience to new members.


Service Design
Management & Strategy
Product Development


The LDM contribute to the international value proposition development
6 Tools developed in for the leadership process
Validation process executed in 3 teams


Product Development from scratch
Leadership Theory and Implementation
Service Design Implementation
Project between Business and Design



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