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Project Description

EduPro Product Development

During the transformation of EduPro in its value proposition and to make our business more relevant, we decided to upgrade our services.

First, during 2017 we develop punctual actions to enhance our educational platform. We develop 3 key elements:
1. We review our programs and working between the direction and the teachers we modify the theory time to key lessons the students must have to have a better practice performance.
2. We develop a Moodle platform to connect the learning environment with the students, granting a space to keep keynotes, documents, videos and multimedia material they got from the classes and enrich the learning process.
3. We start a Teach2Teach program with the teachers, the goal was to enhance pedagogical skills in them so they can deliver better to the students.

That strategy in 2018 generate 3 new products that strength our market position and open our market share to new areas:
1. We create a School Enhance Educational Program to students with learning problems, involving a diverse team of professionals that include Medics, Therapeutics, Psychologist and teachers, with defined protocols and tools for enhancing the relation School-Parents-Kids-SupportCenter.
2. We develop new Health related programs in «Mayor Adult Caring Assistant» and «Kid Caring Assistant» because of an internal analysis of how we can adapt our existing programs to new ones with small effort and high impact and return.
3. We generate a collaborative initiative with Publics Schools and Local Education Department towards the development of a campaign to identify learning problems in school students and strategies to help those students to have success in their processes. We will develop free conferences and initial free access to our Educational Enhance Program.

Internal Evaluation to Success

The key element to product development was driver because our Strategy Driver of Operational Growth. However, we run an internal process to identify key areas we could develop with little investment and little development that could maximize our market position and help us reposition our brand towards our vision of becoming the «Best place to study in Sogamoso» by 2022.

Secondly, we run a user research inside our own students with issues they could be struggling in their families, the educational process, and keeping a close link with the Educational Department searching for unattended market opportunities.

The central bet: The Educational Enhance Program, was developed using SD as the main driver to develop a winning product. Long story short, we run detailed interviews with parents that struggle with their kids performance, teachers of 4th, 6th and 9th grade to develop the communication protocol to connect all-actors individual efforts and create a positive-feedback loop that help everyone to understand their role, their tasks and their efforts towards success, and finally the development of tools of analysis for the kids, so we can measure the development of the program and the improvement of the students in it.

Right now, we are about to close an agreement with the Educational Department to develop the program in each public school of the city and starting our first full scale prototype with 2 local schools.


Service Design
Management & Strategy
Product Development


2 new technical careers
1 new Product for Schools
1 new Alliance with Public Sector
500 Students Potential Market in 20 schools


Relations with Public Sector
Product Development from scratch
Educational Legislation
Service Design Implementation



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