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Project Description

IfescolSalud ahora es Instituto EduPro

A long deciding process that came from 2014 around the idea of a radical brand change in the institution was finally developed through the corporate strategy to 2022: «Become the best place to study in Sogamoso». One of the key points was to strengthen our brand because several reasons:

1. The «Ifescol» brand was shared with an old business partner in the very beginning of the Institution; it was a family business created between 3 brothers in 1999. After 3 years and internal differences, one of the brother decide to go out of the business, one decided to keep the education in «business» issues and founded IfescolEmpresarial, and the other brother kept the education
in «health» issues and founded IfescolSalud. During the last 17 years 2 different institutions at all level, that only shared a common past were in the same market. For the public, they were the same business.
2. During the period between 2004 and 2017, it was clear for us in IfescolSalud that we did not share the same corporate values that IfescolEmpresarial referent to quality, pricing, customer relations, market, and even that in several times we try to execute mutual marketing actions, we finally (and a bit late) decided to change our brand. I must point out that the Brand reputation of IfescolEmpresarial is not the best, and that was a main reason to the change.
3. As the initial decision of kept the «health» related careers was made because of the experience of the owner and director of the Institution as Medic, including the word «Salud» (health) kept the business only in this area, and we need new products and more market share because we have the infrastructure to develop new programs in other areas: business, technology, marketing, education.

With all these in mind, closing 2016 we start the ideation process that led us to the development of EduPro – Educación con Propósito (EduPro – Education with purpose) in the very beginning of 2017. We launch the brand during June of 2017 and create the awareness, positioning and brand transition with the Enrollments of 2017-2 in August.

Multi-channel Strategy

The brand change process start with the participation of the board of direction. A group of 5 individuals that include, the Director (Medic), the Academic Secretary (Teacher), the Academic Coordinator (Psychologist), the Business Manager (Designer) and the General Secretary. We develop different ideas through a creativity process that lead us to 3 name concepts.

After this first process we involve the students and teachers with the 3 options and gain feedback from their thoughts and opinions. In that moment, we decide to go for EduPro/EdPro, that was the concept with best positive feedback and emotional link for the students.

Finally, to involve our whole community we ask a group of 20 Alumni about their opinions between EdPro and EduPro, and with their selection we go for EduPro as our new name.

After the name, we start the graphic concept and consolidate our brand design; we develop the idea of «edu» as a direct link to our value proposition: Education. and «pro» as a connector between «PROposito»(purpose) and the slang «pro» as something that is better, bigger, good; «something pro». We develop the main goal of our business through the graduation cap.

Uniting all these elements we get our final brand image on March 2017. In that moment, we design the strategy for the brand change, that includes a 6-month timeline for the awareness campaign and the launch of our brand in the Local City Holidays on July and the marketing campaign for enrolls of 2017-2 in august. And a multichannel position of our brand with an actor environment study that include our partners, students, teachers, practice places, alumni network, and local entities that work or are related to our institution.

We develop printed flyers, banners, email marketing campaign, personal mailing communications, branding material with balloons, pins, mugs, and different marketing actions to position our brand. We invest a good amount on banners in our Facade and lighting (we have a premium location in the border of the main square at Sogamoso). We also invest in a wide digital marketing campaign on Facebook for the positioning, the creation of our new website, business fan page, and new social channels that include twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The main goal was granting that we could keep our growth KPI in enrollment for the second semester, we keep our numbers in enroll for the Nursing program with a 15% absolute growth and to the Esthetic program with a 20% growth. Also, we maintain our IfescolSalud channels, granting internal communications for Title verifications and our connections with stakeholders and partners endure in time and we could make the channel transition in a period of 2 years where our old emails accounts and pages redirect our communication to EduPro new channels.

Our educational community and the city recognize the change and we have mostly good comments about the new brand. EduPro refresh our value proposition and we create a business strategy that strength our values, core of business and value delivery. Reviewing our education system, investing in more infrastructure and all our brand elements.


Logo Design
Management & Strategy
Change Management


Success in Brand Positioning
30% of budget saved
Digital Marketing Strategy developed
Enrollment growth 5% from 2017 to 2018


Rebranding Strategy
Branding Strategy
Digital Marketing



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