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Project Description

Logo Design

The logo process development is divided in 3 stages:

1. Ideation and creative stage:
Here we define the plan, research the people involved and the steps we will develop to generate the ideas.

It is important to point that I usually connect the brand creation or transformation with the general business strategy and how the logo connect and give a tangible basis to the strategy concepts, the value proposition, and the emotional connection with users or customers.

We start creative sessions to generate key concept ideas that lead us to develop the first draft, specially in the «naming» part of the logo. The result is a strong concept that lead us to the graphic development.

2. Icon / Typography develop and logo characterization:
Having a powerful concept, we start the graphic development to detail producing different options that concentrate our concept. We ask for feedback with our stakeholders and test the logo in printing, digital and tangible elements. We then review the feedback, redesign again, create final arts and again show them to the customers for feedbacks. We evaluate the results with our client for a final decision.

3. Branding strategy.
With our logo defined, now is time for the strategy that allow us to gain visibility, position our brand and generate the emotional connection with our staff, customers, users, stakeholders and partners. We define key actions with each public, including ATL, BTL, digital, merchandising, iconography, packing… adjusting the brand to each element and putting it «live».


Creative Design Process
Stakeholder Involvement
Branding Strategy
Merchandising Material Development
Digital Marketing Strategy


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Corel Draw
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
OS & Windows



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