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Project Description


Since 2008 I have studied photography.

I start my journey in several classes at the university in Analog Photography. Learned the basic techniques of photo language, use of light techniques, photo journals, stills, landscape and architecture. Also, the film development techniques and the printing techniques for Analog.

After I start with Digital Photography with Portraits and Mix techniques for Long Exposition photography, use of flashes, studio lighting and use of models. Also with the use of Photoshop, Lightroom and the use of professional printing equipment.
Finally, to end my courses, I take the Lighting Workshop class, where we explore different uses of light in the image creation. We use continuous studio lights, flash studio lights, use of light in extreme conditions, light for product photography, and light painting techniques.

What I learn through the years is that the people who decide to explore this media develop the «photography eye». That means basically we develop as a skill a set of rules of how to make the shot and with the use of that set of rules we define what the photo will communicate. We use, with accuracy, the tools that are available in the moment, we adapt fast to changing situations and have the knowledge to use the technology in the right way to get the shot.

By now, I use photography as a hobby, but I can work at a professional level with it.


Lighting Techniques
Analog Photography Processes
Product Photography
Event Photography
Portrait Photography
Landscape Photography
Digital Processing


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe LightRoom
Canon EOS Software
Nikon Software
Printing Software

Basics of Adobe Premier
Basics of Adobe After Efects




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