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About Me

I am a designer. That doesn’t tell much about what I am capable of, however Design as a whole means to think between users, experience and business. I love service design, user research, journeys and touchpoints. I am passionate gathering insights and driving business solutions through user needs.

Photography was my first passion. I start studying Electronic Engineering, and because of Photography I finish studying Design. Engineering leave its mark on me and I’m good with data analysis and numbers. Moreover, I learned to code and I know the basis of HTML, CSS, C++ and javascript, also I have worked with Wiring, Processing and Interaction Design during my degree in Design. In photography, I know both digital and analog approaches, with knowledge in Lighting, Product Photography and Art Direction.

During the last 3 years, I have been running EduPro, an Educational Institute for technical careers. I manage a holistic develop of the institute, driving a brand change that include a full strategic change with new business drivers, goals and empowering our value proposition. Through this experience, I have developed strong skills over strategy, planning, HR management and organizational development, learning from customers, market and business needs and including service design over several key areas.

In 2018, I start exploring digital marketing as part of my job in EduPro, and right now I am in a learning process to master these tools. I have learnt about digital advertise in Google Ads, Facebook, SEO and mixing them with my knowledge in web design.

I love to build things since I was a kid, I’m good with tools and very handy to build 3D prototypes, hacking devices, and working with materials. In my work, I’m very comfortable both in research, ideation, prototype and testing, offering different skills in every part of the design process.




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